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Why This Course?

This course was created to help ambitious job seekers to land jobs in to the best companies in the world by writing exceptional resumes and cover letters.

Over 95% of resumes submitted for job applications get rejected.


Because 95% of people make the same mistakes that are not obvious.

By the end of the course..

You’ll be able to write a resume that is laser focused for the job you’re applying for..

You will learn how to write a resume that will impress hiring managers from the best companies in the world..

You will be confident of beating the competition for jobs that you’re qualified for.

Do-It-Yourself (Completely Online)

A professionally written resume usually starts from $500. Apart from the huge investment, you only get a single resume. If you want to send multiple job applications, you will still need to do most of the editing yourself or you risk ending up with a generic resume that gets you no results. 

The advantage of this course is that you learn exactly how world class career experts write resumes. So, you will be able to create a resume in your own words and you will easily customize your resume for any future job application. No one knows you like yourself, some of the best resumes we have read were written by the owners and not other people.

Turn Your Resume Into An Interview Magnet

How would you feel if you receive an email from your dream company? Asking you for an interview for a role you recently applied for?

With a well written resume and cover letter, you’ll be able to get that interview for the job you’ve always wanted. The frameworks you will learn are the exact frameworks that got our founder interviews with fortune 100 companies like Google and a few others.


56 Comprehensive Video Tutorials That Cover Every Important Aspect On How To Write A Job Winning Resume And Cover Letter

The course is carefully broken down into modules, so you can access any module you want based on your specific need. You get a lifetime access are about 56 videos that cover each and every aspect of resume and cover letter writing.

Created By Experts

This course was created after extensive research and interviews with job seekers and hiring managers alike.

Online Studies

You can learn the entire course at your own pace, using any device from any part of the world


All the examples and frameworks taught in the course have been used by successful job applicants.

Modules of the course

Course Content:

(56 On Demand Videos + Templates And Worksheets)

Module 1 (Shifting The Mindset)

Here you will learn to think like top 10% of job seekers that constantly get contacted for interviews when they apply to jobs they qualify for.

You will learn how to position yourself to companies by knowing the right information to add on your resume


Module 2 (Resume Formats)

Learn about the 3 types of resumes and learn which one is appropriate to use based on your professional profile

Module 3 (Results- Oriented Resume)

What seperates a good resume from an exceptional resume? It’s always results. Learn how to write resumes that impress the hiring manager, learn how to write statements that are results focused and free of jargons and fluffs

Module 4 (Resume Sections)

Learn in depth on how to write the: contact section, summary section, skills section, work experience section, education section, accomplishments section, Other Interesting Information Section Etc

Module 5 (Think Like A Recruiter)

Learn how you can think like a recruiter and explore their thought process so that you can create resumes that will impress them

Module 6&7 (Action Words & Formatting )

Learn how to inject life and impact into your resume by adding action words to your statements.

A poorly formatted resume is likely going to be tossed out and thrown in the trash. Learn how to properly format your resume.

Module 8 (Beating The ATS)

75% of resumes never reach the hiring managers desk. Why? Because the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) filters out 75% of resumes and only 25% of resumes are submitted to the hiring manager. You’ll learn how your resume can be part of the 25%  that is read by the hiring manager.

Module 9 (The Perfect Resume)

You’ll learn how to polish your resume once you’re done writing, so that it becomes a work of art.

The following will be covered; how to ensure your resume is free of errors, how to ensure your resume is tailored for each job you’re applying for, making sure you have complete information, adding relevant keywords to your resume, making sure your resume is easy to read, you’ll learn how to avoid some common grammatical errors found in some resumes.


Cover Letter

This course teaches you how to write cover letters that are short, simple and impactful. By the end of the course, you’ll learn how to write cover letters that will make you memorable and help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll see the exact cover letter i wrote as part of my Google application, which got me an interview for roles that were more senior than my level at that time. 
You get exclusive access to the exact same framework, which i used to create my Google cover letter. I then provide an in-depth analysis of the cover letter and demonstrate what makes it stand out from other cover letters, and what makes it memorable and effective.


In Addition, Course participants gain insights into a case study for a person that is trying to get into a marketing role at Apple in the UAE. They are provided with steps to take in order to create a cover letter for this person and finally they get to see the cover letter the I created for him.


Finally, we look at a real-life example of a before and an after Cover letter of an MBA graduate of a top business school in the world who is applying for a finance role at one of the biggest banks in the world.

BONUS MODULE: Ace Your Job Search

This is the final part of the course. Students are taught what to do after they create a job winning cover letter and resume. Four pillars are explained and each pillar is briefly explained.

The four pillars:

1. LinkedIn – Students are given an overview of best practices for job seeking using LinkedIn. The whole aim of the module is to help course participants to stand out from the crowd. Using their previous knowledge from the resume/CV course, students are advised on how to make the best use of LinkedIn.

2. Other Job Search Platforms – students are briefly taught about other job search platforms that they can explore in order to end the best jobs

3. Networking – Course Participants are briefly taught about the fundamentals of networking and how they can network in order to land ideal jobs

4. Clear Job Search Strategy – Course participants are taught how to bring everything together in order to beat the competition and land their dream jobs. They are also taught briefly on personal branding and how to market themselves effectively to companies by figuring out what makes them unique.

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    Create A Resume And Cover Letter That Will Get You Interviews

    This is the most complete course you’ll find out there, that guides you through each and every step of writing a job winning resume and cover letter. The course combines the hiring manager’s perspective, the job seeker’s perspective and the career expert’s perspective. 
    You don’t need to be sending hundreds of resumes and cover letters with zero replies.

    You don’t need to endlessly search Google and use half baked advice from career guru’s that have never successfully applied to jobs at top companies. You need a proven framework that has worked for me as a job seeker and for so many clients of Careerli. We do not hold back any information in this course. It is so good, that by the end of the course, you’ll not only be able to write awesome resumes and cover letters for yourself, but you’ll also be able to review resumes of family and friends and instantly spot areas that need improvement.

    If you want to consistently be called for interviews, then you have to create resumes that can pass through the ATS. This is one of the most important parts of this course. 75% of job applications are rejected by companies even before they are read by the recruiter or hiring manager. This course shows course participants what the ATS is and how they can ensure they consistently pass through the ATS filters and become part of the top 25% of job applicants that are screened by companies. It includes a case study of a job applicant trying to get into Google and also mentions resources that course participants can use to beat the ATS. A framework is also given in which course participants can use all the time to ensure they increase their chances of passing through the ATS.


    30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

    We Are So Confident You’ll Find The Course Useful That We Are Offering A 30 DAY Money Back GUARANTEE!!  Just send us an Email Showing Us All The Work You Did Plus The Steps You Implemented And We Will Give You A Full Refund If You Are Not Satisfied With The Course.


    Made For Job Seekers By Job Seekers

    We have been in your exact shoes. We know what it means to apply for jobs without getting a positive response. We have successfully applied to top companies and landed interviews using the frameworks you will learn in the course


    Complete Guide

    We cover every single aspect of resume and cover letter writing. You will learn how to write resumes and cover letters like a pro. You will probably be able to help review your friends and family’s resumes and cover letters by the time you’re done with this course.


    Get More Interviews

    When you have a tailored written resume and cover letter that shows why you’re the best “fit” for a job, you’re probably going to get contacted for an interview whenever you apply for a job that you’re qualified for.


    World Class Knowledge At The Fraction Of The Cost

    Our cheapest resume writing service starts at $500. You get the exact same framework we use to create job winning resumes and cover letters for our clients at the fraction of the cost. You get to learn what it takes to wow the hiring manager. You learn how to beat the ATS, you learn how to bring out the best version of yourself. You learn how to land your dream job with the help of your resume and cover letter.


    Lifetime Access & Free Updates

    You only pay for the course once! And you will have access to it indefinitely! 

    You also get future updates for free. We will continue updating lectures and course materials in order to provide the very best service to our customers . 

    Limited Time Offer. Get

    $197 Of Value For Only $39!

    zero risk

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

    Show us that you’ve done all the work needed and you are still not satisfied with the course. We’ll give you a full refund.



    I took the course and finished it within 1 week. I took notes and implemented all i learned! 35 days after i had finished the course, i landed my first interview!! I am super excited! The workload for the course is totally worth it.

    vallery flanigan

    As a stay at home mom, I lost touch with the job market. I applied to almost 15 jobs and got rejected. My friend who’d taken the course recommended that I give it a try. After I took the course, I got an offer for a remote sales development role. Seriously, take this course!

    Tiffany Vidal

    With over 20 years of work experience, I never thought finding my ideal job would be tough after my entire division got laid off. I came across Careerli on LinkedIn, I decided to take the course because I was running out of options. It has been 4 months now since I got a new job. I am extremely happy that I took the course. Stay blessed.

    Arjun Rajiv

    I took the course and i am glad to inform you that i have an interview with a top 20 fortune company next week. Wish me luck! Thank you so much!

    Aurthur Dempsey

    Frequently Asked Questions


    How Do I Know If This Is The Right Course For Me

    If you’re a job seeker and you want to stand out from the crowd. You need a resume and cover letter that will set you apart. Whether you are applying through LinkedIn, Job boards, Company careers page, perhaps through a contact at a company, sending an Email to a recruiter or Applying to a company through a referral you need a resume that is targeted and one that brings out the best version of yourself. 

    This course aims to teach you how you can turn your resume and cover letter into interview magnets. It will show you the best practices and you’ll also learn from practical examples.

    Unlike paid resume, cover letter or linkedIn services. This course empowers you to write the best resumes and cover letters at the fraction of the cost for resume and cover letter services. You get to access the course anytime you want and you can always refer back to the course when applying to a different job in the future.


    I Have Applied For 100's Of Jobs And Got Rejected, Will This Course Help Change Things Around

     You are probably part of the 90% of people that apply for jobs and never get a positive response by companies. You want to know why? Because you write your resume and cover letter like 90% of other job seekers. 

    This course will provide you with proven knowledge and practical examples in order to learn what you are doing wrong and how to improve. The course covers all the most important aspects of resume and cover letter writing. So, we help you take the guess work out of your job applications.


    Is There Any Bonus Content?

    There is a whole BONUS section that guides you on what to do after you create your resume and cover letter.

    The Section contains brief video modules on Using LinkedIn For Job Search, Creating Job Search Strategy, Networking For Job Seekers And How To Create a Personal Brand


    What Are The Advantages Of Taking This Course

    You gain the same insights as people who have graduated from some of the best business schools in the world. You gain the same insights as Career experts. You gain the same insights as job seekers who successfully landed jobs at Fortune 500 companies. 

    There are no secret formulas in this course. You only get the most relevant knowledge which has been proven to help job seekers land jobs at some of the biggest companies in the world.

    At the end of the day, you have to put in the effort and dedication to succeed.


    Will This Course Help Me To Get My Dream Job

    Absolutely! That is the number goal of this course. However, you can only get called for interviews when you apply to jobs that you’re qualified for. If you are not qualified for the job, you will probably not get the job.

    This course is meant to help people get jobs they are qualified for by writing targeted resumes and cover letters that will help them to stand out from the crowd and demonstrate why they’re a perfect fit for the job role, which they applied for.


    Money Back Guarantee

    This course has been taken by over 2,000 students from over 100 countries. We have carefully put the most relevant content together. If however you take the course and need a refund, we will be glad to give you a full refund with 30 days of purchase. However, you need to provide us with proof that you have implemented all you learned in the course and you are still not satisfied.


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    On Average 250 job applications are received for every job a company posts. Only 4-6 people will get invited for an interview.

    Is Your Resume Good Enough To Convince the Recruiter To Contact You For An Interview?

    Is Your Cover Letter Good Enough To Impress The Recruiter Or Hiring Manager That You’re The Best Fit For The Role?


    Enroll In The Course And Learn How To Write Resumes And Cover Letters That Are Good Enough To Get You Interviews At Fortune 500 Companies Such As Google, Apple, AIG, Ford, Goldman Sachs, Mckinsey, Disney And So Many Other Top Companies.


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