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Back End Developer intern

Job Description

Posted on: 
2023-04-18 09:22


·       Currently enrolled in a collegeor university.

·       Majoring in computer science ora related field.

·       Knowledge of back-end programminglanguages such as React Native, Node.js, and Native iOS.

·       Familiarity with databases anddatabase management tools.

·       Experience with version controlsystems and documentation tools such as Git and Confluence.

·       Strong analytical and problem-solvingskills.

·       Ability to work independentlyand as part of a team.

·       Strong organizational skillsand attention to detail.

·       Bonus points if you have passionfor crypto and blockchain technology.


·       Work collaboratively with thedevelopment team to design, develop, and maintain the back-end infrastructurefor our social media platforms.

·       Build and maintain APIs and webservices that support our social media platforms.

·       Develop and maintain databasesto store and manage user data, content, and other information.

·       Collaborate with the front-enddevelopment team to ensure that the back-end infrastructure is optimized forspeed, security, and scalability.

·       Work closely with the QA teamto ensure that all code is thoroughly tested and free of bugs.

·       Participate in code reviews andcontribute to the improvement of the codebase.

·       Participate in weekly scrum andsprint cycles

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