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2023-04-18 09:22

As Content Designer, you will be embedded within one of our cross-functional squads made mainly of Engineers, Product and Product Designers, all based in the heart of Manchester City Centre .

Your work will be life-changing for a new generation of artists, allowing them to make a living from their creativity in previously impossible ways


What you’ll be working on

  • Demystifying the confusing and esoteric world of web3 for our creators and collectors, simplifying language and concepts which have largely so far been defined by the technical community.
  • Participating in a range of activities and workshops with our squads
  • Playing a key role in understanding user pain points and take an empathetic and collaborative approach to problem solving.
  • Shape and guide our teams with a user-centric approach to content and language.
  • Bringing insights to life through your squad through great communication skills and storytelling

Things we look for in you

  • Good experience of working as a midweight / junior Content Designer or Tech Copywriter , solving B2C or B2C user problems.
  • Strong experience of collaborating within a squad, understanding how to thrive in a cross-functional environment.
  • Experience of simplifying concepts for users, based on a strong knowledge and passion of language, with a data driven and research-based approach to your work
  • Very comfortable talking to users. You’re not a researcher but you won’t be afraid to work with the team to plan and conduct user research testing the efficacy of designs and your content
  • Experience of facilitating workshops, playing back output in a way which brings everyone on the journey
  • You understand that perfect is the enemy of good and will have experience focussing on solving specific problems with an MVP approach, balancing the need for speed and agility whilst championing a high standard for copy in our user journeys
  • Interest or exposure to web3 is highly desirable. This can definitely be learned and our passionate team can help, but you must be prepared to truly understand the web3 subculture and craft your content from a place of empathetic understanding
  • Startup experience is desirable plus experience of Frigma
  • Comfortable managing your time and work across 2-3 squads and understand how to prioritise their needs


Benefits are an essential part of your total compensation for the work you do every day. Whether you’re single, in a growing family, or nearing retirement, eBay offers a variety of comprehensive and competitive benefit programs to meet your needs. Including maternal & paternal leave, paid sabbatical, and plans to help ensure your financial security today and in the years ahead because we know feeling financially secure during your working years and through retirement is important.

Here at eBay, we love creating opportunities for others by connecting people from widely diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and geographies. So, being diverse and inclusive isn’t just something we strive for, it is who we are, and part of what we do each and every single day. We want to ensure that as an employee, you feel eBay is a place where, no matter who you are, you feel safe, included, and that you have the opportunity to bring your unique self to work.

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