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2023-04-18 09:22

We’re creating a general-purpose private smart contract layer for Ethereum, affectionately dubbed ‘Aztec 3’.

We’re now looking for a full-stack engineer to help build out Aztec 3. Think of the best software and tooling in the Ethereum ecosystem today. The successful candidate will help build private equivalents of it all! That is, software which allows: developers to build and deploy private smart contracts; users to privately interact with them; and rollup providers to keep the network running smoothly.

Building a ‘full node’, in TypeScript, which:

Rolls-up private smart contract transactions, making use of our recursive zk-SNARK cryptography library;

Reliably syncs with the Aztec Network’s L1 & L2 states;

Allows private and secure execution of users’ smart contract transactions;

Manages sensitive user data securely;

Interfaces neatly with developers’ apps;

Allows p2p relaying of transactions across the network;

Has a ‘test’ mode, which enables testing of complex private smart contract interactions.

Building a TypeScript ‘wrapper’ module that allows developers to easily build apps which can interface with the above full node and with our custom Noir language’s suite of tools.

Building complex example applications to test and demonstrate Aztec 3’s capabilities.

Liaise with the cryptography team, to ensure our cryptography library exposes everything the full node will need.

Liaise with our Noir language team, to ensure our custom private smart contract programming language provides an intuitive experience for our target audience of developers.

Liaise with our business team, to ensure Aztec 3 delivers what the ecosystem needs.

Required experience

Knowledge of algorithms, data structures, systems level programming, etc

3+ years solid engineering experience in web3 / blockchain

Strong knowledge of Merkle Trees and how they work

A high degree of focus on code quality and reducing complexity

Full stack capable, but with a focus on backend architecture, development and deployment at scale

Knowledge of JavaScript and/or TypeScript

Able to provide clear and constructive feedback on less senior engineers’ PR’s, mentoring where necessary

Nice-to-have experience

Familiarity with current Ethereum tooling (for inspiration)

An understanding of the finer details of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (again, for inspiration)

An understanding of other Layer 2 solutions and their tooling

Familiarity with other private blockchain technologies like ZCash

Knowledge of peer-to-peer decentralised networking tools

An understanding of arithmetic circuits and their unusual limitations

What we offer:

A highly competitive compensation package (including equity)

Flexible and remote work environment

25 days holiday + bank holidays annually

An opportunity to work at the cutting edge of blockchain and FinTech with a world class cryptography and engineering team

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