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Inbound Sales Development Representative

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2023-04-18 09:22

Time Doctor is a work insights software company that tracks and analyzes how time is spent to provide the insights and direction on how companies can improve performance and be better.

We’re looking to add a talented Inbound Sales Development Representative to help us accelerate the future of remote work. The Inbound SDR will focus on responding to and nurturing inbound leads and generating a meeting pipeline for Account Executives by fully qualifying sales opportunities.

Your daily activities would include reviewing new leads, conducting prospect and account research, responding to company webpage chat, email messaging, and cold calling.

We have an extensive onboarding and training program at Time Doctor, which will provide you with the necessary sales and product knowledge to fulfill your role.

This is a full-time, 100% remote position that will allow you to work from anywhere. The expected work schedule is from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM India Standard Time (IST), Monday through Friday. You’ll report directly to our SDR manager, who is in the APAC region.

Your Responsibilities

  • Product Expert: Maintain up-to-date knowledge of Time Doctor and its value proposition to deliver a best-in-class customer experience for prospects.
  • Prospecting: Qualify inbound leads who have shown interest in Time Doctor through various marketing campaigns and channels such as trial sign-ups, demo requests, chat, asset downloads, content, events, etc.
  • Timely Follow Up: Handle hundreds of leads in a timely manner – through phone, email, LinkedIn, and video
  • Maintain CRM: Document all interactions and findings with prospects in our HubSpot, and create a seamless handoff process to Account Executives.
  • Overachieve Activity Metrics: Understand how numbers impact your meeting targets and ensure you’re being proactive about outreach, meetings, and the quality of your meetings.
  • Engage in Personal Development: Take control of your professional development by engaging in training and custom coaching sessions.

Required Skills & Experience

  • Experience: You must have 1-3 years of experience as an SDR or BDR in the SAAS industry.
  • Perseverance: You’re able to track down busy people and get them to take action by being creative in terms of your communication, research, and general hustle.
  • Emotional Intelligence: You’re able to mirror people, adjust your tone to get the reply you want, and work through conflicts with peers or prospects.
  • Communication: We’re a 100%-remote team, so being able to communicate clearly, proactively, and in English across multiple channels (video, text, Zoom, etc.) is key.
  • Quick Task Switching: The team is in growth mode, which means you may need to switch between research, follow-ups, internal communication, chat, and email.
  • Handle Ambiguity: You thrive in an environment where something may not be easy to find and directions are given at a high level.
  • Coachable: We have a strong culture of giving positive and constructive feedback. You must be comfortable with receiving and implementing feedback

This is a full-time, 100% remote position that will allow you to work from anywhere.

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