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2023-04-18 09:22

At Fracture Labs we are pioneering the world of crypto games by creating the first AAA game with blockchain integration: Decimated.

Decimated is a multiplayer online survival role-play game, where players are competing against each other in a massive open world for virtual currency and digitally scarce virtual items.

Natural resources are scarce, poverty is at the highest ever in history and AI took control of the world, with the Cyborg Cops detaining control over the Human Citizens.


Your work as Lead Blockchain Developer will define how blockchain is integrated inside the game. We want to implement an internal market and make people able to trade the NFTs they buy or acquire through DIO, the token of the game.

You will work in direct contact with our Executive Producer and Technical Director to make a smooth blockchain integration

You will be part of the Product working group and some of these projects:

  • Staking system for DIO token holders,
  • lateral products built on top of Decimated and mSOL,
  • delegation and rebalancing strategy,
  • Decimated smart contract improvements.


  • Experience building Solana smart contracts using Rust.
  • Ability to learn fast and adapt in a quickly evolving environment.
  • 3+ years experience in back-end development


  • Familiarity with Anchor framework.
  • Comfortable with designing secure protocols, software, and algorithms that reduce trust.


Monthly fixed salary.

DIO token core team member allocation.

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