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Web3 Investment/Research Role

Job Description

Posted on: 
2023-04-18 09:22


– Proactively identifying new investment opportunities and qualifying leads within the context of fund mandates;

– Develop a sharp investment point of view on categories and companies in WEB3.0. Build and defend an informed thesis on why we should invest in a company or segment. This thesis should be supported by a deep analysis of both broad industry trends and granular data;

– Evaluate prospective investments, assist in conducting a detailed and comprehensive review of the people, products, technologies, go-to-market plan, competitive position and other relevant information to maximize chances of success for any investment we make;

– Produce research reports and proactively stay informed macro trends as well as sector trends, including but not limited to infrastructure, DeFi, NFT, Gaming and Metaverse; analyse, evaluate and synthesize trends from a variety of data sources (internal data, public blockchain data, etc.);

– Support portfolio companies by building relationships with a global network of founders, senior leaders, developers and experts who can help accelerate new company development.


– Deeply optimistic conviction about the future of crypto and the Internet;

– Passion for blockchain/cryptocurrencies, and native understanding of blockchain technology;

– Ability to synthesize complex information, form a sharp point of view, and communicate it in a relevant way to different audiences;

– Experiences in reviewing white papers, crypto projects, chain analysis and other analysis techniques;

– Proven ability to communicate effectively, self driven and demonstrated strong work ethics;

– Ability to work collaboratively with global members of the team;

– Bachelor’s degree from top tier university. CFA is a plus.

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