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2023-04-18 09:22

Title: 1:1 Performa Coach (Freelance) Arabic, Turkish, Korean or Vietnamese speakers, plus English fluency.

Location: Global

This role is an exciting opportunity to become a part of an outstanding coach community that supports and empowers people at all levels of an organization to become their best selves. MindGym coaches capitalize on over 20 years of content and data. data built by our behavioral science and change management specialists. Our coaches have access to the latest digital solutions as well as psychological research. Through certification in Precision Coaching and ongoing growth opportunities, we offer our coaches as many proven tools and techniques as possible to help guide their clients along their coaching journeys

What you will bring to the role:

As a MindGym coach, you will have the opportunity to coach some of the top talent at the best and most innovative companies in the world. By using evidence-based principles and practices, our Precision Coaching methodology helps clients develop concrete goals that are achievable and balanced.

  • Deliver outstanding one-to-one solutions-focused coaching sessions.
  • Provide practical, pragmatic, and observable benefits for clients.
  • Flex style utilizing MindGym tools.
  • Expand learning and experience in latest behavioural science techniques.
  • Engage in positive relationships with MindGym and the coach community.

You will have:

  • We are expanding our existing coach network and we seek to add additional language capabilities to include the following: Your mother tongue in Arabic, Turkish, Korean or Vietnamese, plus English fluency.
  • Accreditation from one of the leading coaching associations (ICF, EMMC, AC)
  • Certification from a verified coaching training program.
  • Minimum of 250 paid coaching hours
  • Demonstrated experience serving as a coach within a relevant industry.
  • Proficiency with key internet technologies (Zoom, WebEx, Slack, Acuity)
  • Registered PSC, LLC or equivalent umbrella company
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