Chief Technical Architect

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

Are you a Blockchain Architect and want to change the world of autonomous driving? (If yes, please read on!)

Technical Responsibilities:

  1. Work closely with the Founder and product manager to plan and develop the architecture and engineering vision for the product.
  2. Roll out and advocate for new engineering principles and processes while supporting, maintaining, and updating existing ones.
  3. With the help of your team members, educate and execute on Software Engineering best practices for testing, deploying, and developing code.
  4. Be ready to roll up sleeves to assist your team when there are most urgent, difficult or critical developments to produce
  5. Drive the apt technology choices (e.g. languages, libraries, frameworks)
  6. Layout the technology architecture for both immediate and long term growth
  7. Take appropriate risks for technical debt to develop prototypes in a short timescale

Leadership Responsibilities:

  1. Mentor and guide the professional and technical development of your team members.
  2. Hire and build a Software development team
  3. Represent the Technology progress on the company vision to the Board/CXOs
  4. Participate with Core-team in making key Product and tech roadmap related decisions


  1. You have 4+ years of relevant engineering work experience.
  2. You have significant experience working on a SAAS-based platform.
  3. You have experience architecting enterprise Blockchain applications (Any Blockchain framework is fine but Hyperledger will be preferred)
  4. You have a strong technical background and are able to contribute to design and development across the software product lifecycle
  5. You are familiar with our tech stack (Hyperledger/Nodejs / ReactJs / PostgreSQL / AWS / Linux)
  6. You are familiar with implementing organizational processes using tools like Jira / Git / Slack etc.
  7. You’ve worked on large-scale SaaS products and can rapidly familiarize yourself with complex products.
  8. You have a strong focus on metrics and know how to measure the health of engineering teams.
  9. Strong organizational skills and a focus on developing processes support the long term growth of the product engineering group.
  10. You have experience running Agile teams.

Compensation, Benefits and Culture:

  1. A global team rich with culture and diversity
  2. An open work environment where your voice is encouraged. We can always find ways to do better
  3. and look forward to hearing your ideas.
  4. A product you can believe in. We’re changing the way companies develop and manage their web
  5. applications
  6. Health Insurance benefits for yourself and your dependents
  7. Working with professionals in the heart of the blockchain and web3 industry.
  8. Dynamic startup environment, mentorship from the best technologists who have built
  9. enterprise-scale tech at a start-up pace.
  10. Flat organization structure with an opportunity to work very closely with the founder.
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