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2023-04-18 09:22

Swan is looking for an experienced Director of Compliance, who will coordinate and oversee the company’s Compliance and Regulatory strategy. The role of the Director of Compliance will build core compliance functions for our platform, services and teams. This role will work collaboratively to set the strategic direction for the Compliance and Regulator Function within Swan, reporting to the Chief Operations Officer.

This person will oversee our compliance programs and compliance relationships with multiple outside regulatory bodies, and other third parties. You will lead the team, develop a strategy for the function, guide the programs forward, and complete other compliance projects with company, and customer-wide impact.

Your responsibilities

  • Collaborate to define, implement, and administer company Compliance and Regulatory policies and guidelines.
  • Lead compliance scoping for new market expansion initiatives and oversee projects for Money Transmitter License (MTL) Compliance.
  • Monitor the regulatory and statutory landscape for Bitcoin regulatory compliance, keeping senior leadership apprised of any relevant developments impacting the company’s business goals and objectives, and recommending appropriate courses of action as needed.
  • Develop and execute a continual compliance framework for each of Swan’s platforms and business offerings.
  • Provide strategic guidance to product and business leadership regarding compliance requirements and market suitability.
  • Review, implement and maintain of all regulatory objectives (Anti-Money Laundering, Counterterrorist financing, social responsibilities, Know-Your-Customer, Know-Your-Business requirements, etc.)
  • Write and work across the organization to enforce external compliance policies including AML/KYC policies.
  • Interact with regulators, customers, and investors on compliance and regulatory issues, including audits, assessments and inquiries.
  • Train managers and other team members across operations, client services, engineering, product, sales, and marketing in compliance efforts.
  • Work to establish automated tooling for compliance and controls, provide reports and manage projects to implement improvements.

Skills and experience that will help you succeed

  • 5+years experience with compliance roles at financial or fintech operations.
  • Working experience and knowledge in building and running a Compliance program.
  • Experience with payment regulations, network rules, e-commerce, and including AML&KYC/B.
  • Senior level experience in writing and enforcing controls and policies.
  • Anti-Money Laundering Specialist Certification.
  • Experience with Money Transmitter Licensing processes and FinCEN regulations.

Here’s a bit about our culture

  • We’re a growing team: Fully distributed across the world, Slack and video conferencing are huge here.
  • We’re very flat: Leadership is desired and encouraged; we hire people who care about the product they are working on.
  • We’re Bitcoiners: We find solutions that encourage Bitcoin principles. Many of us pull double duty alongside our main job, producing content for Bitcoin newsletters, podcasts, social audio platforms, and YouTube shows, and spend some of the day on Twitter educating the masses. We love Bitcoin, and it comes through in our daily chats, meetings, and actions.
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