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2023-04-18 09:22

Polygon has grown from a small startup into a remote-first global company with hundreds of distributed employees. Along with the growth in team members has come growth in the number of tools and services needed to help all those team members work efficiently. That’s where the IT team comes in. We’re seeking someone experienced to lead and grow the existing IT team into an efficient powerhouse.


    • Manage and scale the IT team.
    • Own, integrate, and maintain all tools and services used internally across the org, including, but not limited to HRIS apps, Support Ticketing systems, Productivity Suites, CRM apps, Teleconferencing apps, source code & password management services.
    • Implement best practice policies and procedures for onboarding, offboarding, scaling, security, backups, inventory lists, and disaster recovery for all services.
    • Procurement and management of laptops, mobiles, and other hardware.
    • Coordinate monitoring performance and availability of services with the DevOps team.
    • Coordinate with teams across the org to manage capacity planning for all services, including maintaining and managing license pools for services.
    • Manage the acquisition of new tools, from requirements gathering through candidate selection and testing, to purchase and deployment with rollout planning and integration with existing tools.
    • Coordinate with HR & team leads to manage standardized employee groupings across tools, and to customize workflows and admin rights per team within tools and services.
    • Design staff onboarding and exit procedures and policies for services in coordination with HR & team leads.
    • Coordinate with the Finance team to standardize payment policies and methods for services across the org.
    • Manage end-user training plans and documentation for service use.


    • This is a hands-on role that requires both technical and managerial expertise. Though you’ll be designing and implementing policies and procedures, you’ll also be actively maintaining services and designing automation to standardize performing routine service admin tasks.
    • You’ve led and scaled an IT team in the past.
    • You’ve deployed and managed Email, Calendaring, Office Suite, virtual meeting, and file-sharing services for orgs > 150 people, preferably using Google Workspace. Experience with supporting global orgs and/or 500+ people is a plus.
    • Experience using MDM software to standardize tools deployment across org teams and devices.
    • You’ve supported HR, finance, and legal applications.
    • Experience with supporting applications and services on Linux & OSX. Experience supporting mobile is a plus.
    • High aptitude for understanding and learning new software packages, and the ability to understand end business processes is essential.
    • Bonus if you’ve used a source code control system to store service configs and track config updates for services.

How you’ll work

    • We’re a global, distributed team because we take talented, motivated people where and when we find them.
    • That means you’d be one of over 400 remote employees working in 80 countries. You’ll manage your availability along with the availability of resources to support the varied operational, functional, and regulatory needs of people employed in so many locations, and using so many service providers to connect to company systems.
    • You’ll manage a globally distributed team of IT engineers for 24/7 coverage.
    • You’ll partner with Security and DevOps team members in locations where employees are clustered to meet availability objectives and to accommodate location and team-specific service requirements.


The goal of the Polygon Labs total rewards program is to support the health and well-being of you and your family.

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