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2023-04-18 09:22

Obol as a layer is focused on scaling main chain staking by providing permissionless access to Distributed Validators. The network utilizes a middleware implementation of Distributed Validator Technology (DVT), to enable the operation of distributed validator clusters that can preserve validators’ current client and remote signing configurations.

Similar to how roll-up technology laid the foundation for L2 scaling implementations, we believe DVT will do the same for scaling the consensus layer while preserving decentralization. Staking infrastructure is entering its protocol phase of evolution, which must include trust-minimized staking networks that can be plugged into at scale. We believe DVT will evolve into a widely used primitive and will ensure the security, resiliency, and decentralization of public networks.

The Obol Network develops and maintains four core public goods that will eventually work together through circular economics:

The DV Launchpad, a User Interface for bootstrapping and managing Distributed Validators

Charon,Ā a middleware Golang client that enables validators to run in a fault-tolerant, distributed manner

Obol Managers, a set of solidity libraries for the formation of Distributed Validators tailored to different use cases such as DeFi, Liquid Staking, and Fractionalized DepositsĀ 

Obol Testnets, a set of ongoing publicĀ incentivizedĀ testnets that enable any sized operator to test their deployment before serving for the Ethereum Main net

Sustainable Public Goods

Obol is inspired by previous work on Ethereum public goods and experimenting with circular economics. We believe that to unlock innovation in staking use cases, a credibly neutral layer must exist for innovation to flow and evolve vertically. Without this layer, highly available uptime will continue to be a moat.

The Obol Network will become an open, community-governed, self-sustaining project over the coming months and years. Together we will incentivize, build, and maintain distributed validator technology that makes public networks a more secure and resilient foundation to build on top of.

Job Description

The mission of the roleĀ 

Engineering managers have experience in seeding and establishing best-in-class software development processes in a fast-growing team. As the team scales they can maintain velocity and code quality with the right interventions at the right time. Engineering managers are ideally well-versed in Agile and Scrum delivery methodologies and can facilitate technical discussions, roadmap delivery management, and technical pathfinding.Ā 

This role would require people management, project management, and high-consequence software delivery skills. It is important that this person understands the technical side of our project but is not expected to code day to day (but it is an advantage).


    • Be the direct report for all engineers on the team
    • Facilitate each team member’s development and growth with OKRs
    • Be the delivery lead for the Obol scrum teams
    • Iterate on and improve the team’s agile processes as we grow
    • Play a significant role in Obol’s technical hiring processes
    • Maintain a total cost of engineering overview and hold team members accountable for spend
    • Work with Product and Project Management functions to facilitate roadmap forward planning
    • Look to identify impediments early, actively work to resolve those impediments, and escalate when needed
    • Management and tracking of cross-team coordination
    • Management and tracking of all high-integrity commitments
    • Provide proactive visibility and effectively communicates delivery targets, commitments, and progress.
    • Be accountable for incidents and the response by the team
    • Understand and advocate for the best security practices
    • Have a broad understanding of risk management and how to mitigate risks
    • Works to minimize meetings and ceremonies, but when they are needed, they are well-run and efficient
    • Work together with HR to identify internal talent and guarantee the team development
    • Act as a guardian of ObolĀ“s values and culture


    • At least 5 years of engineering management experience or similar roles. Demonstrated experience managing technical teams of between 20 to 40 people in distributed remote teams.
    • The ideal Time zone is from GMT-8 to GMT+3.Ā 

Nice to have

    • The ideal candidate would have a technical background in a field related to distributed systems engineering or cryptography, to better understand Obol and the Distributed Validator Technology subject matter.

What you will like about us

    • Developing open-source public goods for permissionless networks
    • Solving groundbreaking problems in distributed cryptography and cryptoeconomics


    • Competitive compensation
    • Annual opportunity to attend DevCon (or a blockchain conference of choice)
    • Annual Global Off-site
    • Life – Balance: Unlimited paid time off
    • Development: Budget for training & education
    • Budget for personal equipment
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