Founding Engineer Backend Solidity

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2023-04-18 09:22

We’re now at the point where we need to solidify our infrastructure and prepare for growth. It’s the perfect time to join!

We’re looking for a strong backend engineer who wants to join a rocketship 🚀

What we do: We’re building a DeFi API to let Wallets, Apps, and even Neobanks integrate DeFi in minutes. We abstract protocols, chains, and layer 2s into a single unified API. We believe that fintech will be available from any app in the future, and Wido will enable it.

Wido founders have experience from Argent (DeFi Wallet), Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Learn more about us here: https://joinwido.com/about

Wido Inc. is a USA-based company with a fully distributed team. We are located mainly around Europe and Asia. Contact Roman (CEO) to learn more: roman@joinwido.com

Tags: Blockchain, web3, DeFi, backend, API, crypto, devops, full stack, javascript, open source, pay in crypto, smart contract, solidity

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