Protocol Designer

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

As a Protocol Designer you will be responsible for the delivery and execution of a process which will facilitate the design, analysis, and implementation of Safe’s token model. You will work with the protocol team, Safe’s founders, investors, external agencies and other key stakeholders to ensure the token implementation maximises impact while minimising risk.

🗂 What you’ll be doing:

  • Collaborating with the founders of Safe to shape a token model for the project
  • Research and analysis of different (existing and future) token models and incentivisation mechanisms, comparing their pros, cons, and trade offs
  • Implementing new token models for the Safe project in collaboration with development teams of Safe{Core} and Safe{Wallet}
  • Interacting with the SafeDAO and Safe Ecosystem Foundation to integrate and evolve the tokenomics for the Safe project
  • Coordinating project partners

🎒 What you’ll bring:

  • Expert knowledge of different token types
    • security vs utility
    • limited vs unlimited supply
    • fungible vs non fungible
  • Strong knowledge of different token models
    • mining, staking
    • yields, burning
    • vesting and allocations
  • Strong analytical and web3 experience
    • Analysis of the Ethereum state using SQL queries with Dune
    • Query data from the Blockchain using RPC endpoints
  • Understanding of existing token model implementations by different projects
  • Good understanding of decentralized governance and DAO’s
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