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Senior DevOps Engineer

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2023-04-18 09:22

At Hex Trust, we’re building trust In the digital ecosystem and we’d like you to help us deliver on that promise. Providing enterprise-grade custody services like ours requires an unwavering commitment to security and an understanding of the importance of maintaining a secure infrastructure. We’re a small, but growing group looking for an engineer able to help put the right tools and processes in place and help take our business to the next level!

We are looking for a Senior/Lead DevOps Engineer to be responsible for managing and overseeing our microservice, containerised cloud infrastructure hosted within AWS, GCP, and on-premises. In addition, a Senior DevOps Engineer will be responsible for leading the team alongside other senior engineers, driving projects, supporting junior developers and managing advanced platform configuration tasks and assignments.


  • Manage advanced on-premise and cloud infrastructure:
      • Cloud-based Kubernetes Cluster environments and their requisite application systems and support components
      • On-premise Kubernetes Clusters
      • Additional container orchestration with Nomad
    • Codify all infrastructure components using IaC such as Terraform, Terragrunt, and Pulumi
    • Manage and monitor network latency and security across all web application platforms infrastructure
    • Advanced monitoring and alerting configurations using FOSS tools such as Prometheus, Grafana, Loki, Alert-Manager
    • Manage, coordinate, and implement software upgrades, patches, hot fixes on servers
  • DEVOPS: Developer Productivity and Operations
    • Support Dev + DevOps team with management of web application infrastructure for our various product platforms
    • Support GitOps model of application management and deployment: Gitlab, ArgoCD, etc
    • Programmatic and automated Load and Pen Testing
    • Creating and curating various support systems including: DB backups/restores, developer diagnostic tooling, system logging and error tracing, performance and system monitoring
  • TECH-SEC-OPS: Delivery Management + Security
    • Integration of Security / Compliance checks into Application and Infrastructure delivery pipelines – ensuring production deployments are resilient, stable, and secured
    • Leverage FOSS and SAAS Pen Test platforms for constant system testing
    • Coordinate with Security team to ensure highest standards of quality around privileged infrastructure/application access
  • SRE: Monitoring and Observability
    • Performance tune and scale web application infrastructure to handle tens of thousands of page views and transactions per day.
    • Explore new technologies in order to evolve both application functionality and contribute to the design of infrastructure, deployment and maintenance processes.
  • RESILIENCY: Resilient, Scalable Infrastructure Management
    • Able to configure advanced scalability models leveraging infrastructure provisioned by the platform team and monitoring components provided by SRE
    • Able to scale platforms based on application/container load, node load, network load, etc.
    • Delivering cross-regional, HA infrastructure models with global mesh
    • Chaos Engineering principles for testing
  • Deep understanding of Kubernetes
    • Helm and Kustomize
    • Network Policy + Service Mesh
  • Proficiency in the following tools/frameworks/languages is highly recommended:
    • Golang/Python/Javascript/Typescript
    • Terraform, Terragrunt, Pulumi
    • Kubernetes CLI (kubectl/kubeadm)
    • AWS CLI
    • Hashicorp Configuration Language (HCL),
  • Experience in BOTH AWS and GCP; some on-premise infrastructure management experience a plus (IBM ESXi, Proxmox, etc.)
  • Knowledge of Docker and multi-stage/multi-architecture builds, registries, and best image practices
  • Experience with GitOps development workflow and infrastructure as code (IAC) approach
  • Diploma/Degree in Information Technology or related disciplines
  • You love the console and are not afraid to read man pages
  • 6-10 years of experience and deep knowledge of:
    • Linux/Unix Server System Administration
    • Network Administration
    • Network infrastructure management and maintenance experience
    • Hands-on experience with relational database structures: MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL
    • Solid knowledge of standard network communication protocols such as DNS, HTTP(S), LDAP, SMTP, SNMP
    • Understanding and capabilities to manage, monitor, and optimise network traffic: TCP and UDP; comfortable diagnosing problems on the wire.


Make a difference and get yourself noticed in a rapidly growing company, providing multiple opportunities for career and personal development. We are a dynamic, multi-cultural team of smart, motivated people based in brand new offices in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central business district. We’ll give you tough challenges, while offering rewarding results to match, as well as regular team and social events and flexible working arrangements when needed.

  • Diverse and inclusive team: A diverse and international team who come from over 15 countries with diversity of both thought and background on a mission to disrupt the digital asset industry. We support each other and take pride in our achievements. We attract talent from well known global multinational companies and institutions.
  • Ownership & learning-curve: Opportunity to make an active contribution to the growth story of one of the leading disruptors in the FinTech industry.
  • Communication: We treat our staff like owners by being open, transparent, and providing regular communication about our direction and progress. We provide regular insight into decision making, strategy, and corporate-wide objectives and key results progress so that each of our employees is aligned and empowered. And we constantly strive to improve how we can communicate more effectively.
  • Office: We offer both the flexibility to work remotely or to work in >
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