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2023-04-18 09:22

Digital Asset Custody provides clients with a highly secure technology environment in which to hold the private keys to their virtual assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs etc. Different wallet options are available, providing variable levels of accessibility vs security depending on the requirements of individual clients. A number of ancillary services are offered which can provide additional returns to custody clients. In addition, technological solutions are offered to clients to provide a system platform which can be operated either on Hex Trust’s infrastructure or installed “on prem” under the complete control of the client.

The digital industry is relatively immature but is developing rapidly. It is likely to become more regulated and the role will be managing new situations and challenges as the industry evolves. Recent events have highlighted the importance of the role of custody to safeguard clients’ assets in the digital world.

Position Objective

The objective of the role is to define an evolving, market-leading suite of products and services to satisfy clients’ developing requirements in a competitive and cost-effective manner. At a strategic level this involves analysing the blockchain industry, the market and competitor trends and helping position the Hex Trust product suite to be first-to-market, competitive, scalable and profitable. On a more tactical level it involves working with Technology, Operations and potential or existing clients to find practical and workable solutions to “here and now” requirements.

The role ideally requires an understanding of the custody business in both traditional and virtual asset environments since the principles underlying custody are broadly similar in both. A sound understanding of the technical aspects of blockchain’s underlying foundations is required to enable different options to be effectively evaluated.

The role requires both analytical and creative capabilities, on the one hand working with various parties to identify detailed solutions, prepare client and internal proposals and gain management approval for variations from core capabilities where commercially viable, while on the other hand identifying creatively how existing functionality might be used to provide innovative solutions without the need for development. The role will involve dealing with new situations in a rapidly evolving environment. A working knowledge of key operational controls, regulatory requirements, risk identification and management will be highly beneficial, as will awareness of cybersecurity principles .

Our Custody platform, Hex Safe, also serves as one of the building blocks for added-value services and the role involves liaison with other Products such as Trading and Financing to determine how Hex Safe can best be used to complement these products without compromising its key features or controls. Bundled products are also areas in which the jobholder will use his/her business acumen to propose new pricing structures and project commercial strategies.


  • Understand client needs and requirements through direct and indirect engagement with key clients
  • Prepare and propose custody solutions in line with the market and the overall company strategy
  • Contribute to the preparation of RFPs using expertise to create compelling propositions
  • Analyse the service proposition of competitor custodians and propose route map for gap closure where necessary
  • Liaise with Technology, Operations and other departments to scope out new and amended products and obtain development estimates
  • Propose priorities for new and enhanced services using commercial and technical acumen in an environment of finite resources
  • Prepare Product proposals for consideration by senior management
  • Perform market research and analysis on competitor/comparable products
  • Bring new ideas and solutions to the table, become a thought partner to the business teams
  • Help to manage the trade-off between fulfilling a specific client need vs. making a product that can address broader market needs
  • Leverage technical know-how to address clients requests in a creative way
  • Continuously assess current product portfolio on its value proposition to clients and identify areas of improvement early on
  • Assist in maintaining the Custody team’s roadmap and milestones, and dependencies with strategic priorities in mind
  • Be a motivated and resourceful self-starter who is also a team player
  • Be comfortable interfacing external counterparties (clients, partners, vendors)
  • Experience in interacting with B2B clients to understand their needs
  • Knowledge of the Custody industry, ideally both traditional and digital
  • Good understanding of the technical principles of the blockchain/digital asset industry, including private key management
  • Understanding of the lifecycle of digital assets and how a digital custodian manages asset events such as airdrops, forking, staking, etc.
  • Be able to work to agreed timelines and deliverables
  • Be both creative and analytical
  • Ideally candidates should have relevant Product Management experience in range from 3-5 years of experience.
  • Passionate about bringing into the market new products and service
  • Demonstrated , taking initiative and producing results
  • Ability to collaborate well with a wide range of stakeholders with very different backgrounds: client-facing teams, designers, engineers, QA, Marketing, compliance, risk, etc.
  • Be humble in your work and how you work with others

Make a difference and get yourself noticed in a rapidly growing company, providing multiple opportunities for career and personal development. We are a dynamic, multi-cultural team of smart, motivated people based in brand new offices in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central business district. We’ll give you tough challenges, while offering rewarding results to match, as well as regular team and social events and flexible working arrangements when needed.

  • Diverse and inclusive team: A diverse and international team who come from over 15 countries with diversity of both thought and background on a mission to disrupt the digital asset industry. We support each other and take pride in our achievements. We attract talent from well known global multinational companies and institutions.
  • Ownership & learning-curve: Opportunity to make an active contribution to the growth story of one of the leading disruptors in the FinTech industry.
  • Communication: We treat our staff like owners by being open, transparent, and providing regular communication about our direction and progress. We provide regular insight into decision making, strategy, and corporate-wide objectives and key results progress so that each of our employees is aligned and empowered. And we constantly strive to improve how we can communicate more effectively.
  • Office: We offer both the flexibility to work remotely or to work in >
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