Full Stack Engineer (P2P Network)

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2023-04-18 09:22

A key goal of Aztec over the coming year is to meaningfully decentralize the network. Achieving this will require a multi-disciplinary approach that will cover our entire tech stack. One area of particular attention is the networking layer. We’re looking for engineers with specific network protocol experience to:

  • Focus on development of Aztec’s networking layer.
  • Decentralise the transaction pool, by implementing a p2p network protocol.
  • Ensure rapid propagation of transactions through the network.
  • Play a critical role in designing and building a scalable and resilient p2p network cable of processing a large proportion of the worlds financial transactions (Rival visa / mastercard but p2p)
  • Contribute back to a thriving open source eco-system
  • Hook directly into L1 devp2p protocol for advanced L2 synching.


  • Bachelor’s degree in related technical field 
  • 6+ years industry engineering experience
  • Fluent in Typescript (3+ years experience)
  • Solid understanding of internet networking protocols.
  • Basic understanding of at least one p2p protocol.
  • Experience writing networking code in a production environment.
  • Development experience with Ethereum.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Nice-to-have experience:

  • Located in the UK or can operate in Greenwich Mean Time Zone
  • Familiarity with current Ethereum tooling (for inspiration)
  • Passion for the web3 space
  • Familiarity with other private blockchain technologies like ZCash
  • Knowledge of peer-to-peer decentralized networking tools
  • A love for Merkle Trees

What we offer:

  • A highly competitive compensation package (including equity)
  • Flexible and remote work environment
  • 25 days holiday + bank holidays annually
  • An opportunity to work at the cutting edge of blockchain and FinTech with a world class cryptography and engineering team
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