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2023-04-18 09:22

The Head of Partnerships’ main goal is to find and shape Kadena’s relationships with agency and tech partners, defining objectives and timelines, establishing repeatable, data-driven practices, and overseeing a program that drives meaningful revenue and retention. The role will generate and close business partnership leads and always be up to date on current and future Kadena developments. It is expected for this knowledge to translate to strategic partnerships that will help ultimately propel Kadena and its ecosystem to leaders in the crypto space.

The candidate is expected to learn existing Kadena processes and company culture, and to bring forward such values to the ecosystem as a whole.

The Kadena ecosystem will grow rapidly and dynamically in the coming years, so the candidate must be comfortable and capable in quickly capitalizing on arising opportunities and ready to take on roles and responsibilities best suited to maximize ecosystem growth. We will be looking for a candidate with a strong entrepreneurial spirit and a character that is welcoming of new challenges that will arise in a fast-paced and high-growth industry.


  • Identify, lead, and organize events and strategic partnerships (e.g. systems integrations, development community groups, complimentary projects, content generation, hackathons, MOOCs) for Kadena
  • Expected to represent and have a forward-facing role for Kadena
  • Work with both teams to create proposals, develop KPIs, and negotiate terms
  • Develop, monitor, and adjust the strategy for ideal partner profiles and practices to continuously improve results
  • Manage external relationships and ensure resources and timelines for delivery are being met internally
  • Develop tracking and incentive mechanisms across the organization to result in successful partnerships
  • Work with communications and marketing to ensure this is a big impact footprint
  • Ensure community and clients are aware of partnerships and develop resources for easy onboarding
  • Lead and maintain relationships with existing and new institutional partnerships
  • Liaise with cryptocurrency exchanges and related service providers
  • Mentor key business development team members
  • Introduce projects to grant and accelerator/incubator programs
  • Represent Kadena at select industry events and conferences


  • 5+ years of experience in driving partnerships
  • Experience in a similar role at a blockchain company preferred
  • Proven experience in developing strategic engagement and communications, building networks and collaborations to maximize impact
  • Experience navigating international markets and engaging diverse communities in two-way conversations/value exchanges
  • Passion for relentless improvement and delivering high quality business documents that can be used internally and externally
  • Must be willing to travel for business often and on short notice
  • B.S. or M.S. in Business/Finance preferred


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