Senior Administrative Manager

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2023-04-18 09:22

We invest in our people as much as we invest in technology. We are united by our engaging culture, here we win as a team, embrace changes, and do the right thing. We are committed to creating a friendly, rewarding and diverse environment for OKers. It doesn’t matter where you come from, here everyone feels valued, respected and has the same opportunities to develop and thrive — we want to bring out the best in you


  • Have rich practical experience in the administrative all around services, be able to closely follow the business strategy, and continuously optimize operation work process.
  • Understand APAC market of Real Estate, renovation and other admin related services, provide the industry data and analysis to help Admin team to make the right decision on business planning.
  • Update the internal policies combined with the actual situation, research related administrative policies, provide constructive suggestions and plans, and improve the efficiency and customer experience.
  • Help to build the global admin work scope evaluation structure, include but not limited to standardize the measurable index and factor of admin P/L, service level, data dasgboard, and customer satisfaction level.


  • MNC’s office administrative experience, has global vision, especially in APAC region.
  • Understand the administrative difficulties and pain points, have professional administrative experience, and be able to give effective solutions for problem solving.
  • Good at resource allocation and integration, have relevant work experience in strategic planning and global administrative policy making and have strong logical thinking.
  • Strong in people relationship, able to handle stress well and work in a fast pace. Be a good team player and influencer.
  • Can travel and work across time zones.
  • Fluent in Chinese and English
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