Unity Game Developer

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2023-04-18 09:22

We are looking for an experienced software developer to join our gaming tech team as a Unity Game Developer.



Develop, maintain and adapt current tech stacks for the new and existing video games.

Perform testing, bug fixing and issue resolution on our code base.

Peer-review the design and code of our other engineers.

Keep up with the latest technology changes in the graphic engine space and understand when and where to adopt them.



Mandatory: 7+ years experience in working with Unity3D (including latest ver.2021, ver.2022 and ver.2023).

Mandatory: Great proficiency with C# (and .Net partially) is a must.

Mandatory: Strong hands-on involvement in at least one commercial AA / AAA game by covering: mechanics (inventory, multiplayer, net-code), gameplay, UI, user data management.

Mandatory: Experience with the Photon stacks Photon PUN-2, Photon Fusion, Photon Chat are a considerable large plus.

Experience with game physics and particle systems.

Good proficiency with asynchronous programming over internet protocols.

Experience on multiple platforms (PC, consoles, mobile) is a plus.

Experience in player data specifics in systems (Microsoft PlayFab) is a must.

Passionate about gaming with cryptocurrency and blockchain in mind.

Experience with metaverse, AR/VR is a plus but for the moment we don’t do anything on this side.

Computer science graduate also a must.



Enjoy a highly fulfilling, mission-driven culture.

Work with the global team at Zilliqa.

Work autonomously leveraging the expertise and capabilities of the other teams.

Stock options and token incentive plan.

Flexible work hours and location.

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