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2023-04-18 09:22

We are looking for a skilled and flexible Concept Artist who is excited to work closely with our Art Director and other concept artists to help inspire our team and audience with concept art for everything from game characters to world building and cinematics. We’re looking for a self-driven and dynamic candidate who can thrive in a collaborative and iterative environment.


    • Generate ideational sketches, quickly communicating visual ideas
    • Create concept art for characters, creatures, environments, and objects to various levels of finish and time constraints 
    • Delivery of concepts, consistently meeting production deadlines
    • Collaborate with the Art Director and iterate on concepts for game and narrative teams


    • A portfolio that demonstrates a potential to meet industry standard level of art
    • You have an exceptional understanding of art design and a keen eye for form, shape, structure, lighting, color, composition, detail and silhouette when developing art
    • Exceptional understanding of human and creature anatomy
    • Experience of fulfilling production tasks and delivery of projects
    • Must be autonomous while working on set tasks from the schedule
    • Strong communication skills
    • High degree of self-motivation and initiative
    • Able to work with direction and take constructive feedback

Candidates should be comfortable working in a remote, fast-paced, fluid, and ever-changing startup environment with a globally distributed team. We are currently remote first and will always embrace work from home culture, although we may have some more offices in the future. Candidates should be excited about the future potential of blockchain, but no prior experience is required.

We were founded to challenge the ways that we all relate to games and storytelling, and in doing so change how we relate to each other. As an equal opportunity employer, we aim to create a culture of safety and belonging from how we hire to how we build communities.

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