Customer Success Manager

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

What you’ll do:

  • Onboard high value clients. You’ll train and assist new high-profile clients. This consists of running onboarding sessions, managing timelines, and ensuring our new sales wins come to fruition successfully.
  • Account management. You’ll manage a portfolio of key customers to ensure they are successful. You’ll hold recurring meetings, handle client requests, and monitor account health.
  • Expand existing relationships. You’ll strategically expand relationships with our existing customers. This consists of retaining spend, signing long-term agreements, and uncovering new programs.
  • Handle feedback. Incorporating client feedback is essential to our long-term growth. When clients make requests, you’ll uncover their goals, analyze the request, problem-solve when needed, and provide useful feedback to our product team.

You are:

  • Autonomous: able to act effectively and independently. One of our core values at Tremendous is “everyone is an entrepreneur.”
  • Highly organized and attentive. It’s important that we’re able to take care of customer requests in a timely fashion, and that we deliver success to each client.
  • Empathetic towards customers and colleagues. 
  • A strong written communicator.
  • Strategic: able to tactfully manage client relationships, complaints & deals.

You have:

  • 5+ years experience in a sales, customer success, or account management function.
  • Prior experience at a tech or B2B startup.

What’s cool about the role:

  • Our customers love us. Check the reviews! We’re fast, adaptive to customer suggestions, and we’re easy to work with. You can feel confident about what you’re selling.
  • Our financials. We are a profitable fintech company with lightning fast growth. We also control all of our own equity. You won’t find many companies like us.
  • Remote work and output based. Success isn’t judged on hours online or office presence. We hire all across North and South America and run core hours from 12-4 EST. You and your team decide how you work best.
  • Our compensation is exceptional. Not only do we track and pay at the top of the range for our roles, your compensation includes valuable equity.
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