Defi Protocol Engineer

Job Description

Posted on: 
2023-04-18 09:22


  • Implement Portals Swap contracts on EVM L2 chains
  • Developing at L1 and L2, including system contracts (implemented in Solidity and Yul) and server side changes
  • Conducting independent research in your area of ownership, design, implement and document solutions, and potentially leading a team ### Qualifications
  • Excellent understanding of Ethereum and the EVM
  • Prior experience working with EVM L2 systems like Arbitrum, Optimism is a big plus
  • Experience with Solidity or Vyper
  • 5+ years in software development
  • Fluency in Javascript, Typescript, Rust or Go – we work primarily with JS/Rust
  • Deep understanding of software engineering best-practices
  • Ownership mindset and a track record of successfully accomplishing projects
  • In-depth knowledge of common algorithms, data structures, and their computational & memory complexities
  • Experience implementing data structures and algorithms from scratch
  • Experience in cryptography/high-load/protocols design is a big plus
  • Fluent in English
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