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Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

We are looking for a passionate and experienced Design Producer to join our in-house design and creative team, responsible for Product, Brand & Marketing deliverables.

The Design Producer works closely with the VP of design to reach a shared vision and standard for work, to implement processes and to drive the efficiency and effectiveness of the team. Your work helps empower designers to solve problems by setting and upholding processes that make micro-management by the department head unnecessary.

You’ll collaborate cross-functionally with designers, researchers, engineering teams and project managers. No project works without you as you’re holding all the strings to assure the design team delivers outstanding and flawless work on time.

Since this role is the gatekeeper and the glue that holds it all together, you need to be organized, thoughtful and enjoy creating order within creative chaos.

The Responsibilities

  • Control the department’s project intake by uncovering synergies, redundancies and conflicts in briefings from different PMs and project owners
  • Review briefings and their underlying business problem and actively flag misalignments with business, experience or communication targets to the department head
  • Assign the right designer for a request, plan the work and facilitate it by tracking down answers to questions, data points, digital assets, people, etc.
  • Conduct status meetings, check-ins and reviews regularly, and ensure thorough communication with all stakeholders
  • Engage in all aspects of projects as co-owner and partner to the designers
  • Manage multiple projects simultaneously for product, brand and marketing deliverables with varying timelines & complexity
  • Support the team in the overall growth and development of the design capability across the company


  • Excellent project management and organising skills
  • Strong time management skills and exceptional attention to detail
  • At least 6+ years of experience managing design teams
  • Established knowledge of mobile platforms and digital technologies
  • Associates or Bachelor’s degree in project management, operations, production or related field
  • Advanced understanding of interaction design, information architecture, design systems and Design Thinking to solve user needs
  • Experienced with Agile development methodologies and Scrums
  • Able to work independently with stakeholders to manage the end to end design process from concept to implementation.
  • A people person who enjoys the interaction with partners in all functions
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong communication/presentation skills including the ability to sell ideas to varying audiences and create consensus

The ideal candidate

  • You are flexible, thick-skinned, proactive, responsive and honestly most of all calm – people rely on your skill to process lots of information
  • You possess a strong curiosity and desire to make the complex clear
  • You have the ability to learn from mistakes and a willingness to revisit past solutions for further improvements
  • Focused on getting the best solution rather than your solution
  • You are organized, self-directed and efficient with a passions for problem solving
  • You can find clarity despite ambiguity
  • A curious mind who doesn’t shy away from disagreements, but feels empowered to challenge each and everyone on the team as well as in support functions
  • Resourceful person who has one foot in idealism and one foot in reality – understanding that designs need to meet targets
  • Stays up-to-date with design trends and technologies to create innovative and effective designs.
  • Finally, you’ll have a truly collaborative working >
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