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Golang Software Engineer

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2023-04-18 09:22

Chorus One runs validators on cutting-edge Proof of Stake networks such as Cosmos, Solana, Celo, Polkadot, and Oasis. We operate over 22 Cosmos SDK-based chains like Osmosis, Regen, Stargaze, etc.

We seek a Software Engineer well-versed in Golang to build and maintain indexing software and data ingestion pipelines. As a Golang software engineer, you will be responsible for extracting data from cosmos SDK-based blockchains, aggregating and analyzing the data, and building APIs to access it. Familiarity with the Cosmos SDK codebase is a plus.

We are looking for a skilled Software Engineer with strong communication skills who is passionate about exploring the internal mechanics of blockchains. Our staking infrastructure secures millions of dollars worth of cryptocurrency assets, and security and reliability are key to everything we do. This position is a unique opportunity to work with an experienced team on cutting-edge blockchain networks.


  1. Create indexing software to ingest blockchain data and analyze it
  2. Design and build APIs to expose this data
  3. Develop software systems to interact with external APIs, RPC endpoints and other data services
  4. Work with the infrastructure team at ChorusOne to deploy, monitor, secure, and maintain these systems.

The ideal candidate:

  1. Can work independently
  2. Can proficiently code in Golang and has experience in at least one strongly-typed programming language.
  3. Is proficient in SQL.
  4. Has good knowledge of http and REST APIs.
  5. Has interacted with Cosmos SDK codebase
  6. Has some experience working with time-series databases.
  7. Is familiar with various database technologies and the trade-offs they make.
  8. Has good written and oral communication skills.
  9. Enjoys teamwork and is good at collaborating with stakeholders and fellow software engineers.

We offer:

  • Autonomy and ownership in a friendly and supportive work environment and the opportunity for rapid growth.
  • Competitive fixed compensation USD 80k – 140k + equity 
  • Part-time optional, 70% – 100%
  • All-expense paid semiannual team retreats at various destinations. Past retreats occurred in Egypt, Serbia, Kenya, USA, South Korea, and Dubai.
  • Remote, but not alone. We are a strong global collaborative environment.
  • Remote working budget (Laptop, co-working space, etc)
  • Personal development budget
  • Gather experience and build your network in the vibrant crypto ecosystem.
  • Learn about state-of-the-art protocols that lay the foundation for an open, transparent, and programmable financial system.
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