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2023-04-18 09:22

The TBD Product Management team creates and scales novel products that advance TBD’s mission, and drive monetization for TBD’s business. The growing portfolio of developer products is designed to catalyze ecosystems of decentralized identity, trust, and financial services. 

We’re seeking an entrepreneurial Product Leader to help re-architect the identity and account model of the internet, starting with the launch of a mobile identity wallet and a set of open source developer SDKs for building identity wallets. The mobile identity wallet is designed to enable individuals to seamlessly access and use Verifiable Credentials to securely prove attributes (e.g., identity, employment, etc.) to different third parties; and manage their identity, privacy, and self-custody keys. The open source developer SDKs are designed to catalyze an ecosystem of global developers to easily create mobile identity wallets that meet customers’ needs globally. Both components are built on top of the Web5 open source project (link)

This position will report to the TBD Product Management Lead, Tom Shane.


You Will:

  • Think strategically and operate in a start-up capacity, driving end-to-end product strategy and execution from 0-to-1 to scaling
  • Inspire buy-in across TBD, Block, and external customers/ partners, to (1) align resources and priorities, and to (2) build strong partnerships that deliver excellent products and services 
  • Drive critical product strategy decisions, such as priority use cases, build/ partner/ buy, MVP functionality, etc
  • Catalyze an ecosystem of mobile identity wallet customers and developers that enables everyone to own and manage their identity
  • Collaborate closely with cross-functional teams (Business, Engineering, Design, Legal, Compliance, Finance & Strategy, etc) to (1) create ecosystems, (2) design elegant customer experiences, and (3) drive execution of the product roadmap
  • Deeply understand the identity market and account model of the internet, competition, and customer needs/ jobs to be done; and champion / educate the org accordingly
  • Design products that scale globally to many markets but can address local market nuances 
  • Break down ambiguous, complex problems into manageable components and design elegant, simplified solutions

You Have:

  • 12+ years of experience as a Product Manager
  • Demonstrated ability to bring new consumer mobile app and/or developer products to market from initial creation to scaling, and all that it takes to deliver
  • Experience catalyzing consumer and/or developer ecosystems, and B2B2C customer acquisition motions
  • The ability to navigate ambiguity as part of a start-up team that is inventing new technologies and products in a nascent space (decentralized identity, decentralized finance, decentralized web apps)
  • The capacity to bring novel, simple, and intuitive product design to a nascent industry in which user experiences and interfaces are complex and inscrutable to the everyday person
  • Excellent storytelling and written / verbal communication that builds trust and fosters collaboration across functions and with external stakeholders
  • Deep technical understanding, and the ability to partner with engineering on detailed requirements / trade-offs
  • Strong customer empathy in understanding customer needs and value across different geographic markets (e.g., Africa, Central and South America, and/ or Southeast Asia)
  • Experience with one or more of the following: self custody wallets, mobile wallets, key management and recovery, decentralized identity tech (Decentralized Identifiers, Verifiable Credentials, etc.), identity management, single-sign on software, protecting highly sensitive customer data (e.g., financial services, health, etc.), open source software, two factor authentication (2FA), password management
  • Passion for creating a decentralized future that enables everyone to access and participate in the global economy

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