Sales Director (Marketing Agency / First sales hire)

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

We’re a community marketing agency that helps brands get seen across Reddit, Discord, Quora, TikTok & more. 

This is a new niche. Not all companies understand the value of community platforms like Reddit for their startup, at least not yet. That’s where we come in – to educate and show the power that community has for brands. 

We work mostly with startups, ecommerce & SaaS companies. Our services are unique and nontraditional

  • Trending posts on Reddit
  • Quora answers that reference our clients
  • Brand mentions & inserts into conversations
  • Subreddit growth & development

No matter the service, we try to keep the service experience transparent and fair to our customers. It’s a core tenet and a welcome relief for a lot of the people who come to us. 

We’ve been growing fast during Covid. Our specialization in Reddit combined with the growth of the crypto//creator economy has really pushed us up. Now we need to improve and expand the services we deliver. 

The Role

That’s where you come in. Our Sales Director. 

You’ll be our first sales hire, and you’ll be responsible for taking over our sales pipeline from the founder (that’s me!) 

Initially, your first few projects will be focused on familiarizing and setting the scene for the future. You’ll understand the inner workings of our current services and how our clients are using them. You’ll review client cases to better understand how our services can be applied to them. 

As you settle in, you’ll be owning our sales funnel completely. Roll up your sleeves, there’s going to be some work here as you set up your environment for success. 


  • Dig in to understand what we’ve built so far, and help us map out the future of sales @ Soar. 
  • Organize what we have as a company into 1 sales playbook that you’ll be operating within and keeping updated. 
  • Collaborate with strategy & account managementto come up with proposals that match our client needs. 
  • Own our outbound sales through platforms like Upwork
  • Take inbound and outbound calls with clients & work toward closing them

This is a brand new role for our team, so you’ll be trailblazing what this role looks like. Be ready to sit down and help us define SOP’s and set standards as you get more comfortable in your role. 


  • Strong outbound & inbound sales background
  • Sales & marketing agency experience
  • Excellent written & spoken communication style 
  • Work hours that overlap with the EST timezone
  • Self-motivated and work well independently
  • Comfortable working remotely (we don’t have an office)

Bonus Points

  • Experience with blockchain // NFT’s (+10)
  • Startup & self-starter experience

We’re budgeting $13/hr – $17/hr with a 10% uncapped commission on all sales. Based on our estimates, this should translate to…

  • ~$2,400 monthly base
  • $4,000 monthly commission

Why you might NOT want to take this role

There are jobs for everyone, but sometimes it’s just not a person/role/company fit! Here are reasons this job might not be right for you:

  • You want to stay in your comfort zone.
    • Soar constantly has new challenges, new things going on, and new problems to solve. It’s simply not a company where the same thing happens every day. Some people might not like that!
  • You want to be told exactly what to do. 
    • If you’re looking for more of a straightforward execution role where you can just follow a checklist, this is not it. You’ll definitely get support from the team, lots of examples, processes and SOPs, but you are the manager of your projects and new challenges will always arise that you need to lead. Depending on the client and situation, that can mean that you’ll have to be the one treading the path of a new process first.
  • You’re looking for a regular 9-5.
    • Things are not regular at Soar. We move fast, we have exciting new projects and new challenges—it’s not something you’ll be able to do on autopilot
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