Senior Blockchain Engineer

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

This role gives you the platform to work with a dynamic and ever-growing team of passionate developers to build developer-focused infrastructure and tool kits for multi chain environment and many other exciting products that will act as a foundation for web 3.0 

You will be part of the team who has pioneered the concept of gasless transactions and also built a cross-chain bridge infrastructure that provides the transfer of assets and cross-chain smart contract calls as a part of providing seamless UX and Developer Experience.

We operate in a highly autonomous environment where all ideas are welcome, so we are looking for ambitious and creative builders who want to contribute to how we build the internet of the future!

What will you be doing?

    • Integrate with new blockchains and side-chains to increase our multichain infrastructure
    • Optimize smart contracts for performance and gas usage
    • Connect with the developer community and facilitate discussion with technical partners
    • Stay up to date with new developments and news in the blockchain world
    • Always being on the lookout to enhance Biconomy’s offering by finding and making new tools, utilities, and libraries
    • Build backend web services that interact with blockchains
    • Work on composability and integration with other blockchain protocols
    • Development, Testing, and Deployment of smart contracts on multiple platforms
    • Collaborate with a small team, owning and planning projects for long-term impact
    • Work on our robust documentation and SDKs to help developers integrate Biconomy
    • Managing and enhancing a cutting-edge tech stack comprising of Node.js, ES2016/17 (Javascript), Go, MongoDB, Redis, RabbitMQ, Solidity, Hardhat, Truffle, AWS, GCP, Github, Gitbook

Your experience should include:

    • Relevant development experience in building decentralized applications
    • Overall 6+ years of software development experience with 2+ years of blockchain development experience
    • Experience with developing REST APIs in Node.js
    • 2+ years of experience working with a Nodejs/any JS framework
    • Experience working with Solidity and smart contracts testing frameworks (Truffle, Ganache CLI, Geth, Hardhat, and Remix)
    • Technical knowledge of the leading blockchain protocols, consensus mechanisms, and the latest innovations in the space
    • Clear basics of blockchain transactions and accounts (including EOA and Smart Contract Wallets)
    • Deep understanding of a blockchain transaction and its lifecycle for major public blockchains
    • Good understanding of Account Abstraction concept including EIP-4337
    • Knowledgeable about smart contract security and best practices (design patterns)
    • Familiarity with Git and Version Control
    • Proficiency in writing modular, clean, and well-tested code along with unit test cases
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