Senior Blockchain Smart Contract Auditor

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

Under this role, you will be working with the QuillAudits team; As a result of our industry-leading and quality assured services, we have helped 700+ web3 projects to eliminate serious security threats and have secured $15B+ in total value locked.


What you will do:

  • Review the code (primarily solidity contracts) of blockchain projects.
  • Identify points of interest for R&D in the field of blockchain.
  • Understand business logic & workflow and perform unit testing, integration testing and functional testing.
  • Identify vulnerabilities, design and architectural flaws, quality improvement, and ways to mitigate future risk.
  • Write clear and concise reports and “action-steps” for developers to quickly mitigate and fix any issues discovered
  • Provide insights in establishing best practices for security culture within the industry.
  • Interact with developers, and key stakeholders when identifying and handling security issues
  • Train and mentor jr. smart contract auditors within the team.

What we are looking for:

  • A deep understanding of the EVM, the ETH Yellow Paper, & EVM OP_Codes
  • Fluency in Solidity
  • Hands-on experience in Javascript/Typescript/Python
  • Knowledge of various ERC standards and EIPs.
  • Thorough understanding of NFT, NFTMarketplace, DAO and various Defi protocols like Uniswap v2 and V3, Pancakeswap, Compound, AAVE.
  • Experience with security CTFs, like QuillCTF, Ethernaut, Damn Vulnerable Defi, etc
  • Experience with development environments like Hardhat, Truffle, etc.
  • 1+ years experience in solidity
  • 1+ years experience as a smart contract auditor
  • Experience writing production level solidity code
  • Understanding of Smart Contract Security Principles

Why we are awesome:

  • Flexi-working: work from home, remote working, 5-day workweek
  • Competitive performance bonuses
  • Fitness and wellness allowances: AED 150 monthly allocation per employee.
  • Learning & career growth incentives: Annual budget of AED 900 per employee
  • Health Insurance Benefits
  • Company-sponsored events, webinars & meet-ups
  • Reimbursements
  • Monthly book reading allowance of AED 150 per employee for knowledge enhancement
  • Bonuses for research papers, public events, automation tools and development proposals.
  • One of the pioneer companies in the blockchain space.
  • Dynamic startup environment, mentorship from the best technologists who have built enterprise-scale tech at a start-up pace.
  • Flat organization structure with an opportunity to work very closely with the founder.
  • Become a leader in the web3 space, feature in AMA sessions & panel discussions on international forums and create your own niche globally.

Our Quills possess the following character traits:

Q– Quick decision maker, U– Unique & unfaltering go-getter; I– Innovative solution provider; L– Learned & knowledgeable; L– Leader in his/her domain

If you think you can match up and are seeking a company that prides itself on its workplace culture, then you could be our next Quill!

*Our Hiring Process: *

  • Application review
  • First Connect with HR team
  • Technical challenge (Task based screening)
  • Technical Interview #1
  • Technical Interview #2
  • Culture/Fit interview with Founder
  • Contract negotiations & Offer roll-out
  • Total expected time to hire: 2-3 weeks
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