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2023-04-18 09:22

Aragon Association is a small, remote-only team of people that spans a broad range of backgrounds, interests, and geographies. We’re entrepreneurs and Ph.D.s, craft beer and coffee lovers, troublemakers and problem solvers, living across the US, EU, Asia and everywhere in between, who are striving to realize the Aragon Manifesto by designing and building unstoppable tooling for the creation and management of decentralized autonomous organizations.

Aragon Association has overseen the production of the leading smart contract framework for DAOs, with toolkits for developers to seamlessly integrate their own apps with DAO functionality.

As a Senior Front-end Developer at Aragon, you will join our App squad to build a new application to interface with Aragon’s smart contracts – those that will be used for creating and managing the next generation of digital organizations.

💪 What do we expect from a Senior Front-End Developer?

    • You naturally translate user needs into production-ready code. You understand that there are humans on the other side, each with their own unique needs, and you are eager to seek feedback from them to better understand how they use it.
    • You are actively involved across the discovery and development pipeline, from collaborating with UX/UI designers and creating prototypes to implementation, documentation and guides, deployment, and live maintenance. At each stage of the pipeline, you are focused on high quality, secure delivery.
    • You are enthusiastic to coordinate across our various squads, and further deepen your knowledge of the ever-expanding technologies of web3.
    • You are comfortable taking ownership of our front-end development, establishing best practices, and becoming the “go-to” point of contact, while simultaneously mentoring more junior developers along the way.
    • You are a natural collaborator. You use code reviews to better understand your team’s work, improve the quality of our commits, and learn something along the way. During daily standup, you know when you are needed and proactively solve your teammate’s problems.
    • You have a good eye for high-quality graphic implementations. You have the judgment to know if we need to be “pixel perfect”.

⚠️ Minimum requirements

    • Proven ability to deliver software to real users as a front-end developer, ideally in a fast-paced startup environment
    • 3+ years experience in one or more general purpose programming languages such as JS/TS
    • Extensive knowledge about the internals of JavaScript engines, browsers and how to work with React.js and other well-known JavaScript frameworks
    • Experience working on open source projects, ideally in blockchain, cryptography, smart contracts, decentralized systems, or any related technology in the web3 ecosystem
    • Awareness of basic design principles, including layouts, aesthetics, and how to work with a UX team
    • Able to advocate and enforce best practices on the team, including testing (unit, integration, e2e), clean code principles, documentation, etc.
    • Experience working in agile environment, git flows, and are comfortable in the tools (e.g. Jira, Github)
    • Excellent English communication – both written and oral

💡 Bonus skills

    • Understanding of of Blockchain architecture, in particular Ethereum
    • Experience working on a project with a design system
    • Experience working on a project with a module or plugin system
    • Experience with the other skills needed to be successful with our tech stack (Ethereum/EVM, HardHat/TypeChain, GraphQL/Subgraph, Cypress, etc.)
    • Passionate about the possibilities of decentralized autonomous organizations and the impacts they may have on how humans work together to solve problems
    • Competitive degen score

We value freedom and responsibility – so much so that we are in the process of taking this one step further with our plans to fully transition into operating as a new Aragon DAO by 2023. This means that we’re a remote only organization that’s flexible as to where you want to work and your schedule, as long as you’re within +/- 5 hours of UTC. We will trust you to accommodate to best support your team.

You will get all of the resources needed to be effective, whether its for setting up your remote work environment or a personal development budget.

The Aragon Association is an Equal Opportunity Employer, and the steward of the Aragon project, a community of DAO creators, developers, and users experimenting with new forms of social coordination and governance.

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