Trading Systems Engineer

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

As a Trading Systems Engineer at Rubicon, your main responsibility will be to develop, maintain and support open-source code repositories that enable users to create market making and trading bots on Rubicon. Additionally, you will be responsible for managing third-party integrations which help protocol users achieve their goals. A key repository that you will be in charge of scaling and enhancing is our open-source repository rubi-bots. Your focus will be to ensure that developers who use this repository and other tooling are equipped to succeed in trading on the protocol.

Skills Required:

  • Comfortable working with and maintaining open-source repositories
  • Experienced in the realm of Ethereum, ERC20s, and decentralized finance
  • Adept understanding of CI/CD and automating quality assurance in code repositories to ensure the integrity of what is offered
  • Intuitive understanding of market-making and trading
  • Good communication and project management skills to be effective working with our remote team
  • Ability to learn fast and adapt to a rapidly evolving market

Ideal Candidate:

Years of experience building systems for algorithmic market-making and trading. Built trading systems that connect to both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. Is passionate about making markets, working with other developers, and excited to leave their mark on decentralized finance.

Bonus Points:

  • Typescript experience
  • Rust experience
  • You like order books
  • You like playing DOTA 2

Compensation at Rubicon is competitive and commensurate with experience. Compensation packages are a mix of salary and equity.

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