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UI Interaction Designer

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

We are looking for a talented UI & Interaction Designer to join our in-house creative Brand & Marketing team.

You will be part of the Design System team that is at the heart of our upcoming new product. You’ll work closely with the Human Interface lead and the front end lead to set industry standards for connecting design and code.

We aspire to creating advanced tools that make the design process increasingly efficient and effective by making the output more predictable and removing the need for manual intervention where possible. We need you to obsess over the way it looks & feels in the same way you obsess over how it works under the hood.

You are probably the right person for the role, if one half of you gets excited about trying new things with design and code and the other half is OCD.

The Responsibilities

  • Continuously evolve and maintain our rigid modular design system in Figma that is coded in React Native
  • Develop tooling, governance and automation for design to code with the design system leads
  • Collaborate closely with developers
  • Collaborate with animators to create micro animations and interaction delights


  • Deep familiarity with platform interface guidelines and nuances
  • Experience in design for mobile and web
  • Strong understanding of nested system modularity
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Strong understanding of usability patterns and visual aesthetics
  • Ability to articulate your rationale for design decisions
  • Familiar with front end technologies like CSS, SCSS, CSS-in-js, React, NextJS
  • Familiar with version control like Git
  • Experience with animation tools like Rive, After Effects + Lottie
  • Assess UI performance and conduct component A/B tests
  • Continuously experiment with new ideas that make interaction better and execution simpler
  • Develop rapid prototyping tools for UX designers to test flow ideas

The ideal candidate

  • A plus if you have experience with Design tokens / Figma Tokens
  • Knowledge of web and UI technology like SVG, web fonts, opentype, JSON, Typescript
  • Experience with haptics and multi-sensory UI on mobile devices
  • Mindset of both, a designer and an engineer
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