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Validator Privacy Researcher

Job Description

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2023-04-18 09:22

We are a research group exploring practical applications for Zero-Knowledge Proofs and Scaling solutions. Our mission is to build the cryptographic primitives that will form the bedrock of a rich and vibrant ecosystem of decentralized applications (dapps), built on Ethereum. We do this through pure research projects, by building proofs of concept, and by facilitating the integration of technological primitives into decentralized applications.

About you

    • You are passionate about complex problem-solving and have experience working with multi-system environments.
    • You have a strong interest in privacy, Ethereum, and decentralized systems.
    • You are proficient in Rust or Golang for implementing and testing solutions, and Python or JavaScript for prototyping.
    • You have expertise or a solid foundation in networking, with experience in decentralized networking technologies such as Libp2p, Waku, TOR/Onion-Routing, or similar.
    • You are familiar with the Ethereum Beacon Chain, and experience as a validator is a significant plus.
    • You possess some familiarity with data science and enjoy working on challenging, complex problems.
    • You are a strong communicator and work well in a remote, global team environment.

Recommended Skills and Experience

    • Proficiency in Rust or Golang for software development and testing
    • Proficiency in Python or JavaScript for prototyping
    • Experience with decentralized networking technologies (e.g., Libp2p, Waku, TOR/Onion-Routing)
    • Familiarity with the Ethereum Beacon Chain and validator processes
    • General understanding of data science concepts
    • Interest in internet/network privacy for p2p systems

Contract details

    • Fully remote
    • Contract with 3-month probation, details depend on jurisdiction
    • To apply, please include a cover letter, a resume or CV, and your GitHub profile

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