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2023-04-18 09:22

This is your chance to develop the future of immersive experiences.

We are looking for a passionate developer, who will be a key player in determining how our location-based storytelling experiences are experienced at home in the browser.

These browser experiences are web tours where users fly through 3D scanned environments which are augmented with photos, videos, 3D and more. 

You value function and form together, being one dependant on the other and not separate or independent. 

You are comfortable taking responsibility and working independently. That doesn’t mean you work alone, but you also search for feedback and are open to it and to exchange opinions.

You share the goal of our company, and are very excited to make this dream true.

You are proactive in the organization of the company. 

In order to set you up for success, we provide everything you need within our dynamic and employee-centric company structure. 

We are still small, so there are many chances to build everything together.


  • You implement our web-based 3D & AR tour initiatives which are time travel metaverses
  • You plan complexity and timeframes (SCRUM, Agile)
  • You love design, computer graphics, and making visual tools for solving problems
  • You components and views that connect and control 3D webelements
  • You will do implementations of the Content Management Systems and backend
  • You create and maintain testing & QA environments
  • You convert UI and UX from design tools (e.g. Figma) to responsive multi-platform websites
  • You always strive for the best user experience and finish projects until they’re done.
  • You participate in and generate activities to grow a healthy and diverse culture


  • You have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Design or other relevant field but it is not necessary if you’re really good
  • You gained experience defining coding standards, best practices and documentations
  • 5+ years proficiency with JavaScript and HTML5
  • 5+ years knowledge in backend development, REST API design and about browser-based 3D rendering
  • 3+ years experience with Three. js, SVG, WebGL, Canvas/CSS animation and in 3D graphics and Info-graphics
  • 2+ years familiarity with continuous integration and automated deployment systems
  • You have great interpersonal skills
  • You can inspire others in the team, share knowledge and help define the future direction of the products
  • You ideally have experience with game/VFX/VR industry, Unity/Unreal game engines and GitHub Workflows
  • Experience with Computer Graphics in general (Shaders/GLSL, Raytracing, etc.) using other programming languages.
  • 3D modelling experience to do small fix ups and conversions


  • You have development experience for mobile apps and Unity applications
  • You’re active in the AR or Blockchain community


  • Low hierarchy
  • Substantial equity
  • Team events (VR, AR scavenger hunts, meetups, bycicle rides, parties)
  • Flexible work times
  • Home office
  • Coffee and tea flatrate in the office
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