BI Data Analyst

Job Description

Posted on: 
2023-04-18 09:22


1. Be responsible for monitoring core metrics regularly, digging out the reasons and sync with relevant teams;

2. Channel management;

3. Complete data request from cooperation teams


1. Domestic top10/ overseas Tier1 bachelor degree or above, English can be used as the working language. Proficient in using sql/python;

2. Finance / Mathematics / statistics / data analysis or computer related major is preferred;

3. Internship experience in business analysis is preferred; Internship experience in competitor company is preferred;

4. Good problem finding / solving skills, high data sensitivity, able to complete data analysis and provide solutions from the perspective of how to guide the business;

5. Interested in the digital currency / blockchain industry and participated in it to a certain extent, including but not limited to relevant work experience / primary and secondary market investment /dfi mining, etc.”

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