Paid Advertisement Development Manager

Job Description

Posted on: 
2023-04-18 09:22

Key responsibilities:

Responsible for the traffic growth of the local market , develop new paid ads channels/agencies according to the company’s strategic goals;

Design and implement paid strategies according to the local market landscape and needs;

Keep abreast of the user experience of the local market, create feedback loops to improve user experience and drive conversion rate continuously;

Measure and analyse campaign performance, customer journey and behaviour;

Objectively determine the ROI of the paid advertising channel and generate reports to showcase the user acquisition performance by various channels;

Actively participate in conferences and events to stay close and ahead of current market trends; identify potential business, collaboration opportunities.

Key requirements:

Good experience with media buying from performance marketing agency, fintech or financial industry;

Experience handling different local markets is a plus; – Good command of the English language; Mandarin will be a plus;

Strong network within the Crypto & Blockchain space,resources of agencies/community/kol/influcer is a plus;

Proven track record in paid ads / performance marketing;

Comes with a positive attitude, great interpersonal and communication skills, strong logical thinking and result-oriented mindset.

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