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Software Engineer – Developer Experience

Job Description

Posted on: 
2023-04-18 09:22

We’re looking for Software Engineers to join our Developer Experience squad. This squad is extremely relevant to our project and will have a major influence in shaping the strategy to elevate zkSync Era as the best option for developers in the Ethereum scaling ecosystem.

If you are passionate about building innovative and scalable web3 applications, and have experience in designing world-class systems, we would love to hear from you.

What You’ll Be Doing

    • Providing the best-in-class documentation – which includes tutorials and migration guides
    • Develop SDKs in different programming languages 
    • Create plug-ins for the most popular frameworks (Hardhat, Foundry, Truffle)
    • Contribute to enabling integrations with other dev tools (Thirdweb, Moralis, Tenderly, WalletConnect, Biconomy) and other open source projects
    • Create tools, templates, and wizards to simplify the developer journey (CLI, AA, paymasters)
    • Actively participate in internal projects (e.g. POAP generator)
    • Support the developer community with issues they face when building on the platform – we don’t want to build a support team. We want to find ways to have developers not need support (via best in class documentation) and for the community to support itself.

What We Look For in You

    • Strong understanding of Ethereum and the EVM
    • Experience with Solidity or Vyper
    • 3+ years in software development
    • Driven by passion, curiosity, and desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world
    • Understanding of software engineering best-practices
    • Ownership mindset and a track record of successfully accomplishing projects
    • In-depth knowledge of common algorithms, data structures, and their computational & memory complexities
    • Experience implementing data structures and algorithms from scratch
    • Experience in cryptography/high-load/protocols design is a big plus
    • Fluent written and spoken English
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