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2023-04-18 09:22

Gemini is a regulated, full service, crypto service provider where engineering is the core of the company. There’s a wide range of tough problems to solve at Gemini – from properly securing hundreds of millions of dollars worth of customer funds, to developing innovative new blockchain products, to finding new techniques to combat fraud, to shaving microseconds off our API response times, and everything in between.

All of Gemini’s engineers are able to work across the software platform, not just on their own specialization or subteam. We value a thoughtful, collaborative software development process, coupled with a pragmatic approach to problem solving and delivering software.

Gemini Marketplace is specifically focused on providing a capital market crypto service offering to institutional investors. We provide a software based platform that provides custody, access, trading, and settlement of crypto.

The Role: Staff Software Engineer

Our institutional prime platform is the stargate for old world money to the metaverse of modern digital assets. As an infrastructure engineer you will instrument and manage a variety of software systems that motivate, execute, and settle, what is shaping up to be, the largest transfer of wealth from the past to the future. It is hard to find a more exhilarating place to design, code, test, and deliver software products than in the real time trading environment of the front office of financial institutions.

We are looking for a talented senior infrastructure engineer that is focused and fascinated by the real time movement of price and value at wire speed across a global liquidity network of buyers and sellers. You will have the opportunity to hone your wrangling skills on our global multi-tenant platform.


  • Design, lead and mentor our technical team in building our global liquidity network at scale across the key financial centers world wide
  • Cultivate best practices and collaborate with engineering teams structuring applications
  • Implement and deploy scalable secure SaaS platform on Gemini cloud infrastructure
  • Design and manage build pipelines for containers and VMs using jenkins, docker, ansible, packer
  • Configure, instrument and manage infrastructure logging and monitoring systems
  • Build and operate continuous integration and chaos testing for our platform
  • Partner with our compliance and security teams to meet system and data management requirements


  • Experience building multi-region microservice architecture in a cloud infrastructure
  • Experience building scalable infrastructure in AWS (AWS certification a plus)
  • Deep understanding of the Linux operating system and networking concepts
  • Expertise in leveraging the principles of GitOps
  • 5 years experience in architecture, design, development, delivery of distributed applications
  • Strong analytical and conceptual skills with solid organizational skills and attention to detail
  • Knowledge if general programming in Golang, Python, C++, and/or Java

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Experience working with financial technologies, such as exchanges, trading systems, and/or post-trade settlement processing
  • Experience working with Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchain technologies, best if with Ethereum Virtual Machine based blockchains
  • Experience with operational tools for infrastructure and software deployment, best if:
    • Building: jenkins, argo, concourse, harness, circle ci, gitlab, github workflows, CI/CD
    • Packaging: docker, ansible, packer, vagrant
    • Provisioning: terraform, kubernetes + helm
    • Security: TLS, SSL, Certificates, Zones, Vault, Secrets Manager

It Pays to Work Here

We take a holistic approach to compensation at Gemini, which includes:

  • Competitive Compensation and Profit-Sharing Equity
  • Flexible vacation policy
  • Retirement Plan Matching
  • Generous Parental leave
  • Comprehensive health plans
  • Training and professional development
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