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2023-04-18 09:22

This goes out to everyone who wants to push things forward!

At ZAUBAR, we’re inventing a new kind of souvenir – a breathtaking digital Collectible fused from our world-class expertise in location-based augmented reality and AAA graphics.

We are looking for a seasoned Technical Artist with experience shipping multiple products created with Unity.

In dialogue with our Creative Director, it is your personal challenge to recreate the magic of reality in digital form.

We put special emphasis on first-class materials, reflections, refractions and the use of light. You will magically stage provided 3D maps, 3D cities and terrains.

This is your chance to own what the future of Augmented Reality looks like!

Above all, you have a unique vision and can express it through beautiful visual languages.


  • Create extensive mini-worlds in Unity (terrain sculpting, manual layout placement, procedural scattering, lighting)
  • Render AMAZING glass, transparencies and refractions
  • Optimizing Virtual Sets / Rebuilding Assets for real-time rendering
  • Regularly showing progress to the team and Creative Director
  • C# programming skills and knowledge of Unity best practices
  • Unity editor tools development
  • Knowledge of Unity’s HDRP Render Pipeline
  • Knowledge of PBR workflow
  • Experience in performance profiling in HDRP


  • Substantial experience with Unity Game Engine
  • Experience creating real-time visual effects sequences
  • Knowledge of optimizing real-time 3D-graphics pipeline for mobile platforms as well as high-end AAA products
  • Please attach a portfolio link including high-end 3D examples and resume. We’re excited to learn more about you!
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